Purchase or Refinance

Let your rental income work for you.
Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans are evaluated using your property’s rental income,
not your personal income. We offer funding to first-time investors and love to help people grow their portfolio with ease.

DSCR is calculated by taking monthly projected income (rent) divided by your monthly payment – PITIA (principal, interest, tax escrow, insurance escrow and any HOA dues).

Loan Criteria

Non owner occupied residence, single family, duplex, triplex and quadplex, condos
We work with both long term and short term rentals.
Up to 80% of purchase price
75% Max on Refinance
(LTV's are subjected to change based on credit experience and other varying factors.)
Loan amount
30 years
Interest Only Available
Minimum FICO
There is a minimum FICO requirement of 620.
Minimum DSCR
There is a minimum DSCR requirement of 0.75x. A minimum DSCR of 1.0x is required for short term rentals.


Fast and Efficient

Light Documents

Experience You Can Trust

Our DSCR program provides the perfect long term solution for new and experienced investors looking to purchase or refinance rental properties quickly. With 30 day closing windows, you can focus on winning deals and less time on underwriting red tape. Our team brings years of investment experience to the table and we’re able to help you succeed with our fast, efficient process that takes is measured in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Our process allows investors to avoid mountains of endless paperwork and intrusive document-gathering. We do not require tax returns or income verification, years of bank statements, or many of the other typical requests from other lenders. We do not utilize a DTI (“Debt to Income”) ratio at all in our underwriting process. We have a quick and straightforward needs list that can be knocked out fast – allowing investors to focus on their properties rather than the hassle of tracking down and providing infinite documents and files.

We are a lender that understands your needs and challenges better than anyone else. Why? Before we were lenders, we were real estate investors ourselves. We understand what you’re looking for in a lending partner as our founders have acquired, renovated and sold thousands of properties principally. We don’t just lend, we are a partner with expert-level knowledge and experience that can advise and assist on your investing journey every step of the way.